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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Download Army Sniper for android

Who likes shooting, I've got a special game for you who like to shoot. A careful strategy is needed to win. Yes, we just show the game Army Sniper. Download and play.
The following is the screenshot image.

Download here

Flashing dan rooting galaxy gio

willing to share how flashing samsung Gio and how rootingnya,,,,,
since already many tutors for x8, turns Gio yes ... hehe
for x8 inshaAllah I will update again in the future,,


Gio flasing preparation with Odin:

1. download the latest firmware + odin Gio: here

2. driver samsung: here

3. extract, in which there is a folder, the folder there are files odin, firmware and tutorials

4. install drivers samsung

5. starts flashing


1. go to odin
2. click select ops ---> enter GIO_v1.0.ops
3. tick one package then click the button enter one package ----> Firmware file S5660DXKC3_S5660OLBKC2_HOME.tar
4. turn off the micro sd and Gio
5. enter download mode (volume down + power + home squeezed together)
6. Gio colokin to PC ----> wait kedetect odin
7. start and wait until finished.


B. rooting

rooting method is quite simple because it only uses soc (superoneclick)

1. soc download: here

2. make sure the PC has been installed. net framework 2.0 or higher

3. samsung drivers already installed

4. debugging mode already at the check in: Settings> Applications> Development Debugging check point USB / USB debugging

5. Gio connect to the PC, mount aja (phone plug)

6. soc open, then click the root

7. wait until the completion

8. the finish.

Download Theme like Windows Phone 7

for you are now using smartphones and Android OS was curious to taste the OS windows phone 7, you should try using some applications below, so that Android will be flavored windows phone 7.

Donate Launcher 7
WP7 Zplayer
WP7Lock Lite

Just install the app to 3 above, make Zplayer as the default music on the homescreen and enable Zlock litenya to be the default screen lock app
make other customizations can set yourself agan,,,
good luck, now can feel the taste of Windows 7 on a android phone,,,

Download Legend of Seven Stars v1.0.0 3D Full for android

How are you all? Hope you are fine. This time I will share about the exciting adventure game that is Download Legend of the Seven Stars Full 3D v1.0.0 for android. adventure game combined with 3D. The way the game to shake it. just very nice to play. try it.

Download apk